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About me

My background as a GP and now as a qualified coach means I am well suited to help those clients struggling with stressful challenges in their life, work-life balance issues and feeling stuck or at a crossroads in their work, home life or health. My work in resilience coaching can help clients become more solution-focused, hopeful, purposeful and self-confident moving forward when addressing their life concerns.

The benefits of coaching

Coaching often involves committing to change - be it something about yourself or your life - and working towards that with me. Part of that journey is becoming more self-aware and flexible in your thinking. Doing this "internal work" gives you more clarity on what needs to change and how that can happen. Too often we are the one thing that gets in our own way, with our problem-focused, negative self-talk!

My approach to helping clients

Although I use psychological approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment training (ACT), positive psychology and mindfulness, coaching is not the same as psychotherapy. If a client's primary need is resolution over painful past events, I would recommend psychotherapy initially - coaching can come later.

My experience as a doctor for 20 years has given me experience in listening and connecting with thousands of patients and treating a wide range of both physical and psycho-social issues. In my capacity as a coach I am there to support and challenge you in your commitment to change things for the better.

Contacting me

I work from Bury St Edmunds.

More information can be found on my website and on my Facebook page or please contact me by phone 07557 146423 or email

Philippa Ridley: About Me
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