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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

This form of psychotherapy is not directive and therefore it requires the person to take a degree of initiative in order to explore and discover the workings of their own mind. 

For this reason, the therapist is less likely to ask questions or provide answers, concentrating especially in helping the client to make links between present experiences and past memories, and also in helping to understand the dynamics of the client’s current life. The kind of relationship that develops with the therapist may be important in understanding these dynamics.


Psychotherapy is a form of psychological treatment in which client and therapist talk together about the client’s life experience, and present, and about what goes on between the two of them.  The aim of the dialogue is to throw light on the unconscious processes and patterns of reaction in the client and so work towards the resolution of internal conflict.  It is hoped that this will encourage greater satisfaction in personal relationships and meaning in daily life.

Jungian Analysis

Jungian analysis seeks to understand unconscious influences in your life, integrate unrecognized or denied aspects of your personality, and achieve deep, long lasting changes in the personality.  The goal of Jungian analysis is individuation, Carl Jung’s term for wholeness.

Who may benefit?

Psychotherapy is designed to meet the needs of people with a wide range of emotional difficulties, including anxiety and mood swings that are hard to cope with and understand.  It can also be suitable for those who are having difficulty in their relationships, either personally or at work, and for those who feel that life has lost purpose and meaning.

Symptoms are not only the result of psychological disorder but can also have a creative and symbolic purpose.

Psychotherapy is often requested by people whose professional work demands increased self- understanding, for example those in health care, social work and religious settings.

‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes’.  CG Jung. 

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