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Life is complicated. Life can be hard. Even when things seem to be going really well, we can somehow feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Sometimes we need those conversations to focus the mirror on ourselves and the whole of our life: to realise what we value most, to ensure we are going in the direction we wish and work on those things that get in our way.

Life-coaching gives the support and challenge you might need to confidently make choices that will lead to your life feeling more satisfying and fulfilling. The client always leads the focus of the work. The coach is there to act as your equal and collaborator. 

Sometimes those changes life coaching evoke are behavioural - e.g. taking the leap to start your own business, proactively reconnecting with a loved one or leading a more healthy, balanced life-style.

Sometimes the focus might be gaining self-awareness - e.g. like spotting unhelpful anxiety-provoking thought patterns,  recognising your innate strengths and how to utilise them more or learning internal skills to be more resilient to stress ( using a number of psychological approaches such as CBT, ACT and positive psychology).

Coaching is not a passive process but the work you do is future-focused, solution-focused and can be very empowering.

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